2022 Outcomes Report

2022 was a year of significant steps for the Education Collaborative and its partners. From holding our first regional hub convening to expanding our overall reach to 149,000 students, we continued to drive our impact across the region. Our annual report highlights key touch points for the year

250+ return to Annual June convening

Holding its first in-person convening since 2019, The Education Collaborative brought together over 188 in-person and 100 more online participants from across Africa to re-connect and engage with one another.    



Annual Convening

118 Institutions

including 60 Higher Educational Institutions, 58 Non-Higher Educational Institutions and 16 students from participating institutions from across 22 countries were present, with a 32.5% institutional repeat rate from 2021

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49 participants

The Education Convening held its maiden Francophone Convening from the 28th to 29th June in Niamey, Niger, welcoming 49 participants from 16 institutions across 6 countries within Africa’s Sahel Africa region.

The francophone convening, the first of its kind, was hosted by the African Development University, a long standing partner of the Education Collaborative and beneficiary of the Education Collaborative’s mentorship  program.


Regional Impact

4 cross institutional connections 

were made under the Mentorship and Development program, for members in the network to learn and share best practices. 

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Through our initiatives, convenings, and regional hub engagements this year, we reached an additional 33,000 students, bringing the number of students we have impacted since 2017 to 149,000. We were able to realize this through the interest, commitment, and dedication of our institutions in the network, as well as through the efforts of The Education Collaborative administrative team. 

–  Rose Dodd, Director, Education Collaborative


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Letter from the Director

Entrepreneurship ecosystem development

This project explores, shares, and implements methods and best practices to Entrepreneurship Ecosystem development on HEI campuses in Africa using ecosystems on the continent. 

Focal Initiatives

Activities under the project include:

  • Codifying thriving Entrepreneurship Ecosystems on the continent through deep research, including Ashesi University’s model.
  • Developing a mentorship and consultative model working closely with partner institutions, that will support HEIs to review and build an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.
  • Establishing an Entrepreneurship Community of Practice to engage in year round continuous innovation around maximizing the efficiencies in entrepreneurship ecosystems in HEIs in Africa.

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Ethics and Leadership

This focal area is designed to enable institutions to build a system and culture that empowers individuals and community for ethical action, empathy, teamwork, leadership and influence. 2022 saw growth and development across the program. 

  • 16 participants enrolled, and 284 more are expected to take course modules in Giving Voice to Values (GVV) Africa by the end of 2022.
  • Research has begun for a student leadership program designed to engage HEIs in building student leaders’ skills in values-driven leadership beyond their institutions.

Focal Initiatives

Giving Voice to Values Africa Project

The GVV Africa Project is a two-year program under the Education Collaborative’s ethics and leadership focus area. Led by a team of leaders and professionals within the higher educational space, the program explores the dynamics of values conflicts and how industry professionals can navigate those dynamics.

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Employability systems development

A technical university in Ghana raised $28,250 to enroll in The Education Collaborative Systems Change Employability Program to develop their career center, potentially impacting 12,000+ students.

Through a referral from the International Finance Cooperation (IFC) Vitae project, 6 technical universities in Ghana with a combined student population of 24,500+ will access support to structure their career development systems for improved student outcomes based on gaps identified in the IFC Vitae employability survey.

Focal Initiatives

Research & Faculty Development

On improving research outcomes in Africa: The Education Collaborative starts Community of Practice for Research and Faculty Development.  

Members of the Research Community of Practice learn from each other to adopt and refine research best practices for higher education institutions on the continent. Research teams supported by administrators, or research support staff equipped with the right tools, enhance the research process for faculty.


Community of Practice

2022 Stories


2022 in Review

In many ways 2022 was an eventful year for us, our partners and our stakeholders. In addition to our key outcomes, here’s a look back at the stories that shaped the year: