Initiatives and Engagements

Highlighting innovation, facilitating sharing and learning among educators, administrators, and industry year round

The Collaborative uses multiple initiatives and engagements to achieve our transformational goals. Designed and hosted in collaboration with partner institutions, ours initiatives seek depth in engagement and impact for participants. We spark discussion and interest, and drive strategic actions in higher education teaching and learning, and administration. We utilize both virtual and in-person programming to ensure easy accessibility, broader reach, and deeper impact.

Initiatives target longterm impact in the five transformational goal areas:

  1. Ethics and leadership development in students
  2. Training students with relevant career readiness
  3. Enabling an active entrepreneurship ecosystem
  4. Building systems for accountability and sustainability
  5. Developing inclusive and diverse HEIs

Mentorship & Development

Mentorship and consultative support to develop and institutionalize innovative systems for change

Conferences & Workshops

Virtual and in-person Platforms for sharing innovations and strategies among higher-ed stakeholders in Africa

Communities of Practice

Focused workgroups committed to practically exploring innovations in thematic areas in higher education

Highschool Engagement

Engaging pre-tertiary programs to reach students earlier with career and leadership development