East Africa Hub 

Scaling The Education Collaborative’s impact through a regionally-focused model

Building regional capacity across East Africa

Started in August 2021, the East Africa Hub brings together The Education Collaborative partner institutions based in Eastern Africa. Starting with 9 institutions, the maiden regional hub of The Education Collaborative is hosted by Rongo University. 

Through the regional hub model, The Education Collaborative looks to provide a context-specific blueprint for success through shared experiences from exemplary universities.

Members across the regions


Higher educational institusions in engagement with the Education Collaborative


The East Africa hub is estimated to impact over 454,720 students within the decade.   

Message from our Director

As a Collaborative, we are aware that higher-ed institutions, whether universities or technical or vocational institutions, can push the much-needed human capital to create the development we need on the continent.

So, we operationalize our work through the different regional hubs to achieve the impact we need; East, West, Francophone, and Central. This way, we can work across the continent, and also work within the hubs that we find ourselves in.

Lizzie Chongoti, Regional Director, East Africa Hub

Leveraging regional hubs

The diversity in African higher education creates a unique context for institutions across the continentAs such, driving impact and addressing challenges in each requires a unique approach. Through the regional hub model, The Education Collaborative looks to provide a blueprint for success through shared and relatable experiences from exemplary universities. 

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Post Convening Grant

The Education Collaborative set up a post-convening grant to provide participating institutions with support to implement insights gleaned from convenings into actual projects.

This grant initiative provides funding support to institutions driving change on the continent with their initiatives

System's Change Program - Employability

Kepler College and Strathmore University are collaborating institutions in the 18-month systems transformation process designed to fundamentally develop the components and structures of key systems that drive employability outcomes in higher education institutions (HEI). 

Upcoming Events

2023 East Africa Hub Convening

This year’s convening will take place from October 5th-6th in Kampala, Uganda.  

Anchored on the theme, Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Graduate Employability for Regional Development, this two-day convening aims to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and inspire innovative approaches in higher education within the East African region.

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News from around the Hub

Inaugural East Africa Convening champions entrepreneurship and graduate employability

76 higher education executives, administrators, and regulators from across East Africa participated in The Education Collaborative’s inaugural East Africa hub convening, engaging one another on improving educational outcomes and scaling quality within the region. 

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Starting with East Africa, the Education Collaborative looks to scale impact across the continent

Starting with the East-African hub, the Collaborative plans to roll out four regional hubs by 2025 driven by higher education leaders who will coordinate the region’s transformation.  

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Building a growing network of impact-driven institutions

Over the past couple of ye­­ars, through the Education Collaborative initiative, we have been working to build the foundational structures of a network of institutions dedicated to exemplary higher education in Africa. ​ 

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