Career Strategy Workshop

Optimizing Career Services for Strong Student Employability Outcomes.

September 30 – October 2, 2024
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


What to Expect

Needs Assessment and Goal Setting

Through a baseline survey, participating institutions will be guided through identifying gaps and determining focal points for setting strategic goals.

Strategy Development and Implementation

Career guidance experts will assist institutions in developing a 5-year strategic plan and outline next steps for implementation.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Post-workshop, institutions will receive support in tracking progress and evaluating outcomes.  

Why Participate?

  • Receive expert guidance and mentorship to develop your career services center or begin one from scratch.
  • Access relevant resources, best practices, and case studies on exemplary career centers across the African continent.
  • Network with other institutions with similar goals to grow and learn together.
  • Receive ongoing support and feedback to develop your career departments long-term.

How Institutions are leveraging learnings from the workshop

Ho Technical University equips 500 Students with Career ready Skills

Following the Career Strategy Workshop, Ho Technical University’s goals were to establish a dedicated career services unit, separate from their counseling unit, refining and implement a soft skills training program while digitalizing the internship process. Read More

Higher Education Institutions who have participated so far

Students estimated to be Impacted

Do You Have Questions? Click here to find answers to the most common questions on the Career Strategy Workshop.

News and Stories

Accra Technical University Launches a Career and Skills Development Centre: A Milestone in Student Empowerment

Accra Technical University (ATU), in collaboration with The Education Collaborative and AFOS Foundation, has launched a Career and Skills Development Centre. The centre focuses on providing over 11,000 students with job-ready and practical skills while promoting a transformational educational experience beyond the classroom.

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Nine institutions kickoff inaugural Career Services Workshop

Eighteen career development professionals representing nine institutions across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Rwanda participated in the inaugural Career Strategy Workshop facilitated by the Education Collaborative.

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Six technical universities in Ghana participate in training to build their Career Services departments

Hosted by The Education Collaborative at Ashesi University, the workshop, which has the potential to impact the combined 24000 students from the institutions, was designed through a referral from the International Finance Cooperation (IFC) Vitae project.

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