Systems Change Program, Employability

How can you benefit from SCPE? 

The Systems Change Program is an 18-month systems transformation process designed to fundamentally develop the components and structures of key systems that drive outcomes in higher education institutions (HEI).

It combines a systems approach and implementation grant to drive the targeted institutional transformation. The program identifies HEIs as champions for change and takes them through expert training and mentoring, and provides them with funding to improve on and develop new systems within their institution.  

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Outcomes in Numbers 

Institutions Engaged

Students Impacted

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The Career Services Mentors Pool (CSMP) is a strategic response to the fast-growing needs of the Education Collaborative to increase impact and achieve scale.

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Funding & Support

Upon submitting the proposal for the first phase of the program, participating institutions may receive funding as part of the system design pilot Grant.

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Innovative Models and Blueprint

Explore workshops, programs and events within the SCPE-E program, tailored to help your institution target and achieve its goals.

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Through this program, HEIs that will be selected as mentors receive the needed resources to help mentees from other HEIs using different strategies (Job shadowing, seminars, and workshops). By offering continuous support, mentors also work to help mentees develop proposals that target employability and career service systems within their institutions

Why get involved? 

The SCP-E supports institutions in setting up and scaling their strategic goals and outcomes. Some of the areas of addressed include:

  • One-on-one consultations, training, coaching and support.
  • Tools to develop accountability and create long-term sustainability.
  • The tools and resources to mentor other institutions in the network.