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Impact through shared ownership and commitment

The Education Collaborative network is a consortium of institutions  formed for the purpose of improved and expanded collaboration of higher education and stakeholder institutions to achieve mutually beneficial goals and improved outcomes in Africa. The Collaborative uses multiple initiatives and engagements to achieve our transformational goals. Designed and hosted in collaboration with partner institutions, our initiatives seek depth in engagement and impact for participants. We spark discussion and interest and drive strategic actions in higher education teaching and learning, and administration. Consortium members are recognized by world-leading higher-ed stakeholders and peers in the African region as being contributors to the transformation of higher-ed on the continent. The Education Collaborative uses both virtual and in-person programming to ensure easy accessibility, broader reach, and deeper impact.

Initiatives target long term impact in the transformational goal areas:

  • Ethics and leadership development in students
  • Training students with relevant career readiness
  • Enabling an active entrepreneurship ecosystem within higher-ed institutions
  • Building systems for accountability and sustainability
  • Developing inclusive and diverse campuses 

By engaging leadership, faculty and administrators, we hope to allow for a much deeper collaboration

Filling the gaps within our educational systems is a mission that extends beyond one stakeholder. It requires a collective effort across multiple institutions and organisations. Having this platform to exchange ideas, provide mentorship and engage with one another helps to move the needle for higher education across the continent. 

– Rose Dodd, Director, Education Collaborative

Joining the Education Collaborative network is a commitment to: 


Contribute their expertise and experience

The contributing institution will share faculty, administrator and other resources to mentor, consult, and support peer institutions to improve quality and develop exemplar systems and structures.  And the Education Collaborative will support to build the institution’s capacity to contribute this expertise with peers on the continent. 


Benefit from other institutions ' contributed expertise and experience

In building exemplar systems that have achieved sustained quality outcomes and impact.The contributinginstitutionreviews their existing system and receives support, consultations, or mentorshipfrom peer institutions to improve on gaps in system for better outcomes.



Build sustainability through the development and sharing of resources 

The contributing institution engages in and is recognized as a contributor in the regional hub in their home region, in one or more of the following:  

  • Contribute to(or start) a community of practice 
  • Develop and share resources on the EduCollab virtual resource hub 
  • Share and facilitate sessions at annual convenings and workshops