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Member Institutions in Inaugural Regional Rankings

The Times Higher Education (THE) developed the first sub-Saharan rankings centred on five core pillars that serve as the foundation for defining university performance. Highlighting these critical aspects, the rankings reflect a comprehensive outline of the universities’ contributions and capabilities across various domains.

Below is a curated list, showcasing member institutions of The Education Collaborative network in the inaugural THE rankings.

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THE Rankings Methodology 

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RankInstitutionCountryOverallResources & FinanceAccess & FairnessTeaching SkillsStudent EngagementAfrica Impact
9Ashesi UniversityGhana67.987.160.678.576.849.4
7Covenant UniversityNigeria7076.342.6-44.771.676.682
5Makerere UniversityUganda72.18448.35876.593.7
25Rongo UniversityKenya60.148.4-53.131.6-39.384.272.254.7
16University of EmbuKenya6459.652.270.273.564.6

The inaugural Sub-Saharan Africa University Rankings call attention to the region’s success and provide a framework for development. “Not all universities that might be expected to be ranked are present in this inaugural edition, and not every country is featured, as the process is voluntary and minimum thresholds were set for responses to the fledgling student survey, but we expect the rankings to grow rapidly in the coming years as they are embraced as an important resource.”

– Phil Baty, Chief Global Officer, Times Higher Education

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Member Institutions Ranked  

Explore a detailed examination of the ranking metrics and their impact on the performance of member institutions in the network. This focused analysis aims to provide a clearer perspective on how our institutions stack up against these metrics. By delving into the specifics of the criteria and methodologies, we leverage the strengths of member institutions to transform Higher Education in Africa.

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View THE rankings and Methodology 

The context-specific ranking system that is inclined towards the development of ethics and leadership, industry, entrepreneurship, employment opportunities, and community outreach programs. The SSA University Rankings is hinged on 5 Pillars: Resources and finance, Access and fairness, Teaching skills, Student engagement, and Africa impact

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University Leaders across the Collaborative share the value of context-specific rankings. 

Is your university submitting to the Sub-Saharan Africa University Rankings next year?

Institutional heads from Covenant University and Pan-Atlantic University answer pressing questions and considerations for preparing for the 2024 SSA rankings submission.

To participate in the 2024 SSA Rankings, email ssaranking@timeshighereducation.com and request to be invited to participate or complete this form – https://bit.ly/456eH9n. Data collection for the 2024 SSA University Rankings will be open between January and mid-March 2024.

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