West Africa Hub 

Scaling The Education Collaborative’s impact through a regionally-focused model

Building regional capacity across West Africa

Started in June 2022, the West Africa Hub brings together The Education Collaborative’s partner institutions based in West Africa. The WA regional hub of The Education Collaborative is hosted by Pan-Atlantic University.  

The West Africa Hub was established to drive West Africancentered and context-specific engagement within The Education Collaborative. The hub is driven by anchor and exemplar institutions that commit resources, share their blueprint of success and expertise to support other institutions in the sub-region to develop their systems and operations. 

The West Africa hub is estimated to impact over 407,680 students within the decade.  

institutions reached in the region from 7 countries

committed to various innovations, projects, and initiatives in the region from 2021 to 2023

The past year has culminated in several success stories. Currently, 36 key institutions from 7 countries in the sub-region are actively engaged in The Collaborative’s initiatives, projects, and programs. Out of these, 21 are implementing 20 projects that are geared toward the hub’s sustainability.

These institutions demonstrate ownership and are key in driving various initiatives. Institutions in the hub are freely sharing and offering mentorships to those with identified gaps across the Collaborative’s focal areas.

Together, as a hub, we hope to improve student outcomes for the continent’s development.

Rita Abla Dugbenu, West Africa Hub Coordinator, West Africa Hub

Building the West Africa Hub

The last three years have been grounds for preparation. We surveyed the HEI scene in the region, engaged and collaborated with various institutions, and have now taken the step in setting up a hub.

In the region, we considered Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and some other countries in francophone West Africa. After taking into account the student reach and number of institutions in a country, the overriding factor was to identify and select anchor institutions. Anchor institutions are those with a like-minded vision of transforming Africa through the systems of higher education. They share our values of ethical leadership, entrepreneurship, and preparing students for the working world, and show passion, commitment, and willingness to collaborate and contribute to transforming Africa through higher education.

The West African hub has a goal of engaging an average of 52 Higher-ed institutions to meet its estimated impact goal of over 407,680 in student outcomes within a 10-year span.

Meet the Hub’s Strategic Committee

Dr Peter Bamkole

Chief Operating Officer,
Pan-Atlantic University & Chair of West Africa Hub Strategic Committee

Prof. Rosemond Boohene 

Pro-Vice Chancellor
University of Cape Coast 

Prof. Samuel Alnaa

Bolgatanga Technical University

Prof. Enase Okonedo

Pan-Atlantic University

Prof. Abiodun Adebayo

Covenant University

Prof. Justice Bawole

University of Ghana Business School

Prof. Jeremiah Ojediran

Bells University of Technology, Ota, Nigeria

Abdul Mahdi

Ashesi University

Dr. DeBrenna LaFa Agbényiga 

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
International University of Grand Bassam

Maurice Gnamatsi

Director General,
ISLA International Language and Business School

Prof. Gordon A. Awandare

Academic and Student Affairs
University of Ghana

West Africa Hub Unveils Its Strategic Plan

West Africa Hub Strategic Plan

The two-year plan developed by the Hub’s Strategic and Technical Committee prioritizes the development of systems in member institutions to foster ethical leadership, track graduate employability, and promote collaborative research within the region.

Click Here to Download the West Africa Hub Strategic Plan

Learn how we engage our hub members

Post Convening Grant

The Education Collaborative set up a post-convening grant to provide participating institutions with support to implement insights gleaned from convenings into actual projects.

This grant initiative provides funding support to institutions driving change on the continent with their initiatives

System's Change Program - Employability

The Systems Change Program is an 18-month systems transformation process designed to fundamentally develop the components and structures of key systems that drive outcomes in higher education institutions (HEI). It combines a systems approach and implementation grant to drive the targeted institutional transformation. 

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Institutions Actively Engaged within the Hub