Ethics & Leadership Focal Area

This focal area is designed to enable institutions to build a system and culture that empowers individuals and community for ethical action, empathy, teamwork, leadership and influence.

Ethics & Leadership Focal Initiatives

Giving Voice to Values - Africa

The Giving Voice to values (GVV) curriculum teaches strategies for standing up for one’s beliefs and acting on one’s values. While most approaches to ethics education focus on building awareness of ethical issues and applying frameworks of ethical reasoning, such as consequential, rule-based, communitarian, and care or virtue-based approaches, the GVV curriculum goes beyond awareness and analysis to teaching skills in ethical action.  

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Building an Ethical Campus

This program provides mentorship and support for institutions to help them establish systems of ethics and leadership contextualised to their institutions. Institutions enrolled in this program engage directly with a mentor institution at various levels to build frameworks for their needs. 

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Support Programs

Request unit-specific support 

Facilitating the learning and sharing of best practices, The Education Collaborative provides department-specific support on a need basis. This ranges from career services support for strategic planning and goal setting, improving student employability outcomes as a department and developing institution-wide initiatives that improve career development for students.  

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Share a ‘big’ idea

The Education Collaborative is constantly looking for institutions in the network who innovate towards achieving our shared goal of transforming 1.1 million ethical entrepreneurial graduates with skills, knowledge, and character to be good citizens and to lead institutions and economies in Africa. Do you have innovative ideas for research, publications, or projects to transform career development in Africa? Propose an idea and learn how The Education Collaborative can support.  

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Share a resource

Get published on The Education Collaborative’s Learning Hub where network members have access to resources. The Education Collaborative provides the space for both virtual and in-person learning, through facilitating mentorship, and learning and sharing of resources within the network. Submit an article, a publication, a guidebook, or a resource that presents ideas on achieving improved employability outcomes in institutions across Africa.  

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Join a Community of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoP) are workgroups of educators, administrators, experts, and other stakeholders in Africa’s higher education sector. Members in the CoPs try out innovative models with minimum risk, get access to microgrants, get funding for innovations, and leverage other members’ collective competencies to deliver practical transformative solutions to their campuses and organizations. Engagement is year-round and includes research projects, symposiums, speaker sessions, reflection sessions, program reviews, and new program development.   

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Join a Speaker Session

The Speaker Series invites thought leaders, practitioners, and educators to share ideas, policies, models, and findings that spark discussions and push for new and improved of doing things. Structured as a colloquium, speakers from an open and unbiased stance will touch on trending issues on entrepreneurship in African higher-ed institutions. The Speaker Series takes place virtually and occurs every quarter. It is open to the public. Do you know a thought leader in career development and graduate employability? Suggest a speaker to feature in our next speaker session.  

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