Building an Ethical Campus

Providing Mentorship and Guidance

This program provides mentorship and support for institutions to help them establish systems of ethics and leadership contextualised to their institutions. Institutions enrolled in this program engage directly with a mentor institution at various levels to build frameworks for their needs. 

ENGAGE with the Ethical campus program

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Meet institutions in the Program

Palm Institute is a private four-year liberal arts university college founded in 2012 to bridge the developmental and educational gaps between Ghana and the United States. During its mentorship, Palm will receive academic programming, admissions strategy support, career services development, faculty training, and student government support. Eight years after Palm Institute, the institution has reached a new milestone by enacting an honour system inspired by Ashesi University’s. Learn more about Palm’s honour system 

Kibi Presbyterian College of Education (KPCE) is a faith-based teacher training college in Ghana. KPCE seeks to integrate ethics as an integral component to deliver its mandate of training competent and morally upright teachers for social change in Ghana and beyond. To improve student engagement practices and empower them to shape their learning experiences, KPCE began an ethics and leadership mentoring journey with the Education Collaborative. Learn more about their journey

Project Team

Project Lead (KPCE)
Nina Aba Pels
Assistant Director, Student Life and Engagement, Ashesi University 

Co Project Lead (KPCE)
Nadia Amasa
Alumni, Ashesi University