Mentorship and Exemplar Development

Our mentorship program offers highly engaging, customized management support for institutions committed to reviewing and implementing high-impact structures.

It enables existing institutions with proven efficient systems to share their framework and blueprint of success with peers on the continent who seek to raise the quality of their outcomes.

Systemic Change through mentorship

The Education Collaborative mentorship program is a highly engaging, customized management support designed for institutions committed to reviewing and implementing internal high-impact structures. It is tailored to enable existing institutions with proven efficient systems to share their framework and blueprint of success with peers on the continent who seek to raise the quality of their outcomes. All institutions commit to building and maintaining student-centeredness in a system that produces highly employable and entrepreneurial graduates. Enrolment is for whole institutions or departments and covers program or curriculum development, faculty and administrative staff, and academic and student services systems.

what we look for

1. The institution recognized as a registered entity that is accredited or in the process of acquiring accreditation from statutory bodies within its country of operation.

2. An institution that has an active institutional leadership team and maintains a positive public reputation and image.

3. The institution that is set to grow, for whom access to dedicated mentorship and resource support from peer institutions in Africa will significantly support sustainable growth and improved outcomes.  

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The core of our vision is to develop exemplar institutions that are uncompromising in achieving excellence in quality student outcomes, and we are committed to raising the partnerships and resources needed to implement the change it will take to achieve that. With our mentorship program, we are building an incubator of sorts where engaged institutions commit to systemic change and get the focused support and resources they need to create and sustain it

– Rose Dodd, Director, The Education Collaborative

Meet institutions in the Mentorship Program

Burkina Institute of Technology (BIT) officially opened in October 2018 in Koudougou, Burkina Faso. The non-profit three-year degree institution aims to educate a new generation of leaders for Burkina Faso who use their technical knowledge to create business opportunities. They have received bachelor’s-degree accreditation for two unique curriculums in computer science and electrical engineering.   

As a STEM-focused startup university, BIT is participating in The Education Collaborative’s Systems Change Program – Employability pilot to develop its career service systems. This is a pathway to improve graduate employability. Learn about the Systems Change Program – Employability

Kibi Presbyterian College of Education (KPCE) is a faith-based teacher training college in Ghana. KPCE seeks to integrate ethics as an integral component to deliver its mandate of training competent and morally upright teachers for social change in Ghana and beyond. To improve student engagement practices and empower them to shape their learning experiences, KPCE began an ethics and leadership mentoring journey with the Education Collaborative. Learn more about their journey

Palm Institute is a private four-year liberal arts university college founded in 2012 to bridge the developmental and educational gaps between Ghana and the United States. During its mentorship, Palm will receive academic programming, admissions strategy support, career services development, faculty training, and student government support. In 2021, Palm Institute reached a new milestone by enacting an honor system inspired by Ashesi Universitys. Learn more about Palms honor system. 

Why this program?

Exemplary higher education in Africa is student-centered, innovative, and continually relevant to the development needs of the continent. Exemplar institutions are uncompromising in reaching for excellence in the systems that improve their student outcomes. The Education Collaborative mentorship program is designed to develop more institutions into exemplars for the continent. We identify partnerships and raise the resources needed to implement and sustain the change it takes to achieve excellence. Mentee institutions then ensure strategic alignment and dedicate resources for the sustainability of the implemented change.

Our mentorship program is designed to reflect the following: 

  1. Build shared ownership: Deliberate, collaborative mentorship pairings build shared ownership of the transformation process at the regional and continent level.
  2. Foster trust, community, and partnership: Our peer-to-peer approach fosters a sense of trust, community, and partnership among higher-ed institutions and stakeholders for the overall growth of higher education in Africa.
  3. Tailored solutions: The program’s one-on-one design ensures context-relevant and customized approaches for each enrolled institution.
  4. Shared innovation: Engaging multiple institutions means speedier transformation and growth in higher-ed systems on the continent. 

Institutions enrolled in the mentorship program commit to a three-year transformation plan facilitated by The Education Collaborative and led by peer exemplar partner institutions . Focus areas for change include executive leadership development, strategy planning and implementation, and academic and non-academic student services development. Institutions also build systems for sustainability throughout the process, including structures to facilitate mobilization of resources and long-term strategic planning.