Systems Change Fellowship

Systems change is an intentional process designed to fundamentally alter (or create) the components and structures that cause a system to behave in a certain way. The Systems Change Fellowship is a 15-month systems transformation process designed to fundamentally develop the components and structures of key systems that drive outcomes in higher education institutions (HEI).

It combines a fellowship, systems approach, and implementation grant to drive the targeted institutional transformation. The program identifies fellows from HEIs as champions for change and takes them through expert training and mentoring, and provides them with funding to improve on and develop new systems within their department or institution.  

    Why this Fellowship?

    Through this fellowship, higher education institutions (HEIs) receive the needed resources to review, build and remodel critical systems and structures to help improve their impact. The program allows for both individual and institutional ownership of leading and sustaining change. The fellow builds their capacity to lead the transformation process and encourages institutional participation to ensure growth and sustainability of resulted projects and outcomes.

    The Fellow: They champion the system change initiative in their HEIs. Fellows are provided with training, mentorship, funding, and other necessary resources, to work with their institutions in building the structures and policies that lead to the system change. To be selected for this program, the fellow must be nominated by their institution. With help from The Education Collaborative, these individuals become responsible for running the systems change project(s) from start to finish over 15 months. The nominated fellow should ideally be a career services administrator, professional, or manager.

    The Higher Education Institution (HEI): These are the beneficiary institutions of the fellowship program. Before fellows submit applications, there is the need for evidence that the recommended project not only solves a need within the HEIs but aligns with the institution’s long-term growth strategy. HEIs hold the responsibility to ensure the implementation and sustainability of these transformation processes in the organization. By participating in this program, HEIs receive the needed resources to pilot and scale designed initiatives that bring transformation to improve their outcomes.

    The fellowship focus for 2021 and 2022 is Employability and Career Services systems. 

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    Application PROCESS

    To enrol in this fellowship, institutions would have to nominate a fellow candidate to apply. Or a fellow candidate may self-nominate. The nominee will then need to complete the application form and upload the required documents.

    Required documents for upload: 

    -Download Nomination form
    -One page letter of approval from institution 
    -Current CV

    Got questions? Email Rose Dodd at 

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