Systems Change Program

Systems change is an intentional process designed to fundamentally alter (or create) the components and structures that cause a system to behave in a certain way. The Systems Change Program is a 15-month systems transformation process designed to fundamentally develop the components and structures of key systems that drive outcomes in higher education institutions (HEI).

It combines a systems approach and implementation grant to drive the targeted institutional transformation. The program identifies HEIs as champions for change and takes them through expert training and mentoring, and provides them with funding to improve on and develop new systems within their institution.  

    The Systems Change Mentorship Program

    Through this program, HEIs that will be selected as mentors, receive the needed resources to help mentees from other HEIs using different strategies (Job shadowing, seminars, and workshops). By offering continuous support, mentors also work to help mentees develop proposals that target employability and career service systems within their own institutions. To support the work, mentors will receive up to $ 11,250 for the 15 months of the program, and an additional support budget of up to $ 3,750 for one additional support unit during the same period.

    Why Get Involved

    The Education Collaborative in partnership with Kepler, seeks to create and expand a pool of HEIs that are exemplars in different fields in order to collaboratively work to build capacities in African HEIs to lead the transformation process, encourage institutional participation, as well as ensure growth and sustainability of resulting projects and outcomes. As a mentor institution, apart from the networking opportunity afforded by the program across the continent, institutions will also have the opportunity to learn and access information regarding different grant opportunities and attend different capacity-building forums to learn about a myriad of strategies to effectively manage and scale different programs within their own institutions.

    Current Status

    The first recipients of mentors have already been selected for the pilot program through November, 2022. Pairings of mentor and mentee institutions for the pilot program will commence soon. The current and future structure regarding the SCP program will leverage the expertise of mentors to support the development HEIs institutional systems on employability and career services.

    The program’s focus for 2021 and 2022 is Employability and Career Services systems. 

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    The Education Collaborative and Kepler 
    inviting interested HEIs to sign up to join
    pool of potential mentors and be
    considered for
    the SCMP in this and future
    cycles of the SCP.
    To sign up, send an email to either of the contact persons listed below expressing
    your interest to
    join. In your email, mention
    the HEI you are
    from, your position and department.

       George M. Mugabe (Ph.D.)
       Director, Research & Community Services
       Kepler – Rwanda

      Stephen Gyan
      Program Coordinator
      Education Collaborative,
      Ashesi University

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