Communities of Practice

Hands-on workgroups reviewing, co-designing, and implementing innovations.


Communities of Practice (CoP) are workgroups of educators, administrators, experts, and other stakeholders in Africa’s higher education sector. CoP workgroups leverage members’ collective competencies to deliver practical transformative solutions to their campuses and organizations. Engagement is year-round and includes research projects, symposiums, speaker sessions, reflection sessions, program reviews, and new program development. The Education Collaborative finances the operations of CoPs. Funds are project-based and available to individuals and institutions represented in a CoP.

Under their thematic areas, CoPs work to:

  • Build portfolios of best practices, tactics, strategies, and manuals applicable in the higher education sector on the continent.
  • Develop projects and programs that solve problems and enhance the education sector.
  • Create platforms to share advanced knowledge and best practices with other interested stakeholders.


This Community explores strategies to groom students and guide their seamless transition to employment, entrepreneurship, or further education after graduation.

Ethics and Leadership

The Ethics and Leadership CoP work on projects that develop an ethical culture in institutions; To build a new generation of leaders with the right ethical compass to transform the African continent. 



This Community explores, shares, and implements initiatives that equip institutions with the tools and know-how to create and sustain a range of institutional and infrastructural systems for nurturing creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit in students to solve problems.


Research and Faculty Development

This Community develops systems to maximize the synergy of resources dedicated to research development. It facilitates cross-country and multi-disciplinary research collaborations in higher education institutions in Africa. 

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