Communities of Practice

Leveraging on the fundamental social aspect of human learning, communities of practice under the Education Collaborative seek workgroups that engage collaborators all year-round and are centered around six thematic areas for institutional development.

Career Services and Industry Engagement

With the growth in population, it has become necessary for educational institutions to identify and implement strategies to better the transitioning of graduates into employment, entrepreneurship, or graduate school.

Technology in Teaching and Learning

Technology serves as a great support for both teaching and learning and offers facilitators and students with digital learning tools, techniques that expand knowledge and reach in and out of the classroom.

Student life and Support

Student life and Support aims at working on projects that support students both inside and outside the classroom; including counseling and coaching, student life, community engagement, and student health services. 

Curriculum and Content Development

This community focuses on exploring innovations in curriculum and content development, as well as lesson planning.

Cross-institutional Partnerships

This community of practice looks at how educators and institutions build strategic partnerships with others to develop themselves and their institutional outcomes.

Classroom Engagement

Classroom engagement involves experimenting with new and proven teaching and learning techniques that help students assimilate concepts better.

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