Research & Faculty Development Community of Practice

Learn and share research skills, tools and knowledge. 

We believe the research contribution of African higher education institutions can be enhanced if scholars have robust environments with the right research support tools, and research administrators are given capacity-building, context-specific, standardized protocols to support researchers. Members of the Research Community of Practice learn from each other to adopt and refine research best practices for higher education institutions on the continent. Research teams supported by administrators, or research support staff equipped with the right tools, enhance the research process for faculty.

Core Agenda: Applied and implementable research outputs pulled out of AU Agenda 2063

For research, researchers, and innovations managers 

The Research Community of Practice focuses on two main areas: 

Researchers (faculty and non-faculty researchers): Creating a collaborative environment to hone research collaborations and share best practices for discipline-specific research to solve problems on the continent. Research focus is based on thematic areas in the AU Agenda 2063 Goals. 

Research and innovation managers/administrators: Developing templates and guidelines for research and innovation managers to adopt as a benchmark in engaging researchers and other stakeholders in their research ecosystems. These guidelines provide a structure for plugging their role more deliberately into their institutions’ academic framework and define how these various actors (i.e. research support staff) can assist with research, innovation, and other sponsored program activities while striking the needed balance with teaching and learning.  

General Info

The Research and Faculty Development CoP is a team of faculty and non-faculty members, research and innovation managers, and researchers committed to solving problems in Africa with a focus on Africa Agenda 2063 thematic areas.

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