Giving Voice to Values Africa Project

GVV for Africa Project

Realizing that institutions have varying needs, challenges, and contexts, the GVV for Africa Project offers “train-the-trainer” curricula tailored to the African context for capacity building in ethical action. It will be made available to educators, administrators, private and public sector organizations, and other stakeholders across the continent. With cases and scenarios across industries from education to governance, the curriculum will address varied audiences’ needs while delivering the modules from an African perspective in the public and private sectors.

It will apply an asynchronous virtual cohort-based approach to delivering the content. This will allow participants to access the course regardless of their location and receive training at their own pace, and at the same time, ensure accountability through the cohort approach. Cases and scenarios used will be sourced across industries and countries on the continent. They will be framed within the cultural contexts of communication, doing business, bureaucracy, and governance in our part of the world, Africa.

Project Outcomes

This project aims to build Afro-centric GVV train-the-trainer modules applicable and accessible to people from all walks of life across Africa. Be it the workplace, educational institutions, and community; senior, midlevel, and junior executives of organizations; private and public services on the African continent. Participants who undertake this training will be empowered to act on their values. They will gain the capacity to teach the modules to different audiences within their industries and tailor the modules to their context where needed.

The project forms part of the Education Collaborative Transformation Goals to enhance educational outcomes in ethics and leadership education among 1 million students on the continent by 2030.

Participants who complete the modules will be sent invitations to join an Ethics and Leadership Community of Practice. The Ethics and Leadership Community of Practice is a pool of individual educators, experts, and other stakeholders with a shared interest in delivering practical transformation solutions to build a culture of ethical leadership across African institutions.

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Project Team


Rebecca Awuah

Mathematics and Statistics Lecturer
Ashesi University


Dr. Mary Gentile

Creator of GVV, University of Virginia
Darden School of Business

Case Writing Lead

Martina Odonkor


Case Writer

Esther Afoley Laryea

Faculty, Ashesi University 

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