Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Development

This thought leadership project aims to foster the development of active entrepreneurship ecosystems across higher education institutions within the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

The project highlights Afro-centric pedagogies and curriculum, governance, policy support, mentorships, funding, stakeholders, and cultural systems of formal entrepreneurship training in African higher education institutions. It also engages participant higher education institutions as partners in the process of reviewing, developing, and tracking the ecosystems on their campuses. The entrepreneurship ecosystem project produces four key resources that will be included in an e-playbook to aid higher education institutions in developing their entrepreneurship ecosystem environment in a way that allows them to implement interventions that move them closer to their aspirations.

Explore Key Resources

Defining, Describing and Diagnosing Entrepreneurship Ecosystems within Sub-Saharan Africa Higher Education Institutions
A desk study report that explores the internal entrepreneurship ecosystem of higher education institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa to arrive at a definition of and a framework to aid higher education institutions to describe their ecosystems.

EED Desk Study Report

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem building within Sub-Saharan Africa Higher Education Institutions
A series of entrepreneurship case studies curated from exemplar institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa that illustrate the successful models and approaches adopted in six higher education institutions.


Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development Case Study Report

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Matrix

A quick peak at the framework developed to aid higher education institutions to describe, design, and diagnose their entrepreneurship ecosystems, highlighting the project metrics.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Matrix

Explore our Diagnostic Tool
An institutional entrepreneurship ecosystem diagnostic tool – available by July, 2024. All institutions interested in piloting the tool should contact education.collaborative@ashesi.edu.gh

Diagnostic Tool