Career Services Mentor Pool

The Career Services Mentors Pool (CSMP) is a strategic response to the fast-growing needs of the Education Collaborative to increase impact and achieve scale. The CSMP will expand on mentors and exemplar institutions available to guide HEI’s to execute career and employability related goals in their respective institutions.  

Systemic Change through mentorship

The Education Collaborative, in partnership with Kepler College, seeks to create and expand a pool of exemplar HEIs and Mentors in different fields of Career and Employability System development. The program will recruit Mentors with deep expertise and passion in career and employability field areas such as employer relations, exit strategy, career strategy and sustainability. Mentors will be offered tools and resources to execute their duties with ease. 

Furthermore, exemplar HEIs will help by sharing best practices, job shadowing, participating in year-round initiatives Communities of Practice, and as needed, assisting in the co-organization of events and convenings. 

 In addition to the mentoring role, the program will serve as an avenue for sourcing speakers for training and workshops throughout the year. Mentors will work on a contract basis as projects become available.  

Why Get Involved?

The program will provide mentors the opportunity to connect and make impact by collaboratively building capacities in African HEIs to improve on career and employability outcomes of graduates.

Mentors will have access to the Education Collaborative’s extensive network to collaborate on projects and learn from their exemplar peers to continuously build on their expertise

Mentors will have access to resources including funding to create new innovations, and for professional development.

Mentors will have the opportunity to develop publications in their area of expertise for the EduCollab learning hub, conferences, and Career Publication.

Mentors will receive discount offers on selected programs at the Collaborative