one-on-one institutional mentorship program

Impact through Sharing

Our mentorship program unlocks the potential to grow together as African institutions by sharing resources among universities on the continent. It is exciting to see universities in Africa recognized for operating in excellence and citizenship. As a network, we leverage on one another’s competencies to transform education. Doing this will quicken our impact as higher-ed institutions. One of our goals is to encourage institutions to share their framework and blueprint of successes with others on the continent whilst allowing ingenuity to thrive. 

Our Focus on Mentorship

The mentorship program allows for customized one-on-one support and guidance to develop successful systems for both in and out of the classroom. With partnerships that span from as brief as a month to as long as 2 years and over, institutions can share and/or receive support, in curriculum review and development, faculty and staff professional development, staff and faculty mentoring,  student career development, experiential programming, systems redesigning, and evaluation. It is open to institutions that run undergraduate programs and have been validated by a recognized accreditation body.

A success story: The Ashesi-ADU mentorship 

As part of African Development University’s (ADU) effort to speed up the impact of higher education in Niger and the Sahel region, Ashesi has been providing mentorship and support in many areas towards this goal. For more than a year running, Ashesi University has supported ADU to review and redesign curriculum, receive faculty mentorship, evaluate systems, and set career and counseling departments.  Under this period, Ashesi staff and faculty have paid site visits to the campus, and engaged in remote mentoring. The partnership has also enabled faculty and staff of ADU to participate in the 2018 and 2019  Education Collaborative conference. Many more projects are in underway.

…Being under Ashesi’s mentorship has been amazing; not only do we engage during the annual Collaborative, but also, we get the chance to work with Ashesi faculty and staff throughout the year to implement many things. As we grow, we are confident that we will be better placed to help provide the best kind of education to our future leaders.

Amoudou Boukar

Dean, ADU

How can you join?

Institutions can offer as well as request for support or mentorship through the Education Collaborative, and by entering into a partnership with the mentor institutions, we’ll help process and see to its successful completion. Institutions will have the opportunity to access small grants to reduce their financial burden courtesy Ashesi University Foundation. Funding support is based on the mentee institution’s need.