GVV Testimonials

My GVV Experience is a series of testimonials of educators, higher education administrators and individuals who share their experiences in taking the GVV course.

Adriana Ineza

They would ask, “But what if I am in this situation, and someone is trying to trick me to do this and this.” In that case, I was able to give them practical answers that I learned from the course. 

Aravinda Ram

When you are faced with an ethical dilemma, it is okay to take a stance that you really believe in and examine all the parameters around that situation and take a step back. You can evaluate all the sides of the story, and then still, if you feel like what you are believing in is what you really want to do, then you find the courage to state it, using some of the techniques that are taught in the course.


Here’s what to know about the GVV course

The Giving Voice to Values Africa course is designed for:

  • Corporate leaders and managers
    Values-driven leaders looking for a strategic approach to communicating their values and sustaining workplace cultures where employees feel comfortable speaking about values and bringing up issues of concern.
  • Higher education leaders and professionals
    Educators interested in equipping themselves, staff, faculty, and students, with the skills to support speaking and acting with integrity and sustaining university-wide cultures that encourage speaking about values and bringing up issues of concern.
  • Organizational trainers
    Ethics and leadership trainers seeking to gain skills for themselves and to train others to strategically and effectively speak up and act in values conflict situations; organizational trainers supporting culture change within large and small organizations.
  • Independent learners
    Professionals interested in learning how to speak and act effectively in values conflict situations in the workplace.