My GVV Experience is a series of testimonials of educators, higher education administrators and individuals who share their experiences in taking the GVV course. This series highlights Adriana Ineza, English Communication Tutorial Assistant, Kepler University

Edited for clarity and brevity

Q: What inspired you to take the GVV Africa program?
A: I was motivated to take the course at the June Convening. We were told about the program, its benefits, and how the framework has been used in Ashesi University. I had even heard about how the program was designed before the Convening. During the Convening last year, I heard personal testimonies. Instructors shared how they’d been able to help their students, which motivated me, especially as a recent graduate joining the workplace and getting to know ethical dilemmas that take place and how I can tackle them.

Q: Since completing GVV Africa, can you share a time when your learnings has helped you?
A: The course has helped me with my classes. I’ve had situations where students would ask very critical questions even in classes where they are learning about professionalism. They would ask, “But what if I am in this situation, and someone is trying to trick me to do this and this.” In that case, I was able to give them practical answers that I learned from the course. There is a way to consider the steps before taking an ethical decision, for example, considering what is at stake, and how to convince the parties involved. It taught me to craft really good answers that has helped me with my students. In the past, I would face those questions, and sometimes, there would be doubts but now it’s been very easy in providing them with a confident answer that actually helps my students. Most of the time, it’s sharing the knowledge that I’ve gotten from the course.

Q: What would you tell someone considering the GVV Africa course?
A: I would say be consistent. Sometimes, after work at 5pm, I would do 30 minutes of the course, at least one lesson. When you don’t create a consistent schedule, it’s easy to fill stuck, especially if you want to join in on the live sessions. We are learning real-life situations, and sometimes we were exercises where we had o think outside the box, give our only real-life experiences and scenarios, and so when you don’t give it time, and a consistent schedule, that would downgrade your pace.

These are some great tips even for current course participants!

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