Executive Conference

Collaborating to Advance Higher Education in Africa.


With a vision that African universities can lead the continent’s renaissance, the day-and-half conference sets the platform to initiate the conversation on developing institutional competencies for data-driven strategizing through collaboration in the face of exponential population growth, technology, and globalization.

The Annual Executive Conference

The day and a half conference provides a platform for academic and non-academic leaders to set direction, explore institutional-level collaborations, and leave a positive impact on their campuses. For presidents, provosts, department heads, or deans, this conference provides the platform to engage other leaders of higher education in Africa to discuss strategies to lead effectively. The conference features key academic leaders, industry researchers and experts. The time together is highly beneficial and covers sessions on shaping institutional values and culture, evaluation and impact measurement of institutional efforts to lead change, faculty and staff development, and strategic planning and management for the future. 

I found all the sessions to be of relevance in bringing in different perspectives to form an overall impression of the state of higher education on the continent.

Conference Attendee