To our colleagues, experts, and visionaries in the higher education space:
As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of work, the role of career services in higher education becomes increasingly pivotal. The Education Collaborative is launching the Career Services Digest, a annual publication to create awareness on best practice, innovations and developments in the career services function in higher learning institutions in the African Continent.  

We invite you to contribute your insights, experiences, and wisdom to a special collection of articles that delve into the multifaceted world of career development in higher learning institutions.

Theme: “Empowering Futures: Optimizing Career Services in Higher Education”

Who Should Contribute?

  • Industry Experts: Share your insights and foresight on the future of work, emerging trends, and the skills that will shape tomorrow’s professionals. 
  • Employers: Illuminate the bridge between academia and industry. What competencies do you seek in graduates? How should higher learning institutions prepare graduates for industry? 
  • Policy Makers: Advocate for and highlight policies that enhance career readiness and equitable opportunities. How should higher learning institutions navigate issues of data protection and use of generative AI in education?
  • Higher Education Leaders: Offer perspectives on integrating career services seamlessly into the education programs
  • Students: Your voices matter! Share your challenges, aspirations, and success stories.
  • Mentors: Offer guidance on effective mentoring practices that empower students’ career journeys.

Possible Topics (but not limited to):

  • Innovative Career support: Case studies of innovative approaches, strategies and tools to engage and empower students; preparing students for transition to the workplace; how AI development is shaping industry; exploring benefits, threats and ethics related to AI; exploring graduate readiness for entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Internship Programs: Designing impactful experiential learning opportunities.
  • Digital Literacy and Job Search Skills: Equipping students for the digital age.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Ensuring equitable access to career resources.
  • Alumni Networks: Leveraging alumni for mentoring and networking.
  • Entrepreneurship Education: Fostering entrepreneurial mindsets.
  • Soft Skills Development: Beyond the classroom curriculum.
  • Career Pathways in Emerging Fields: Navigating AI, sustainability, climate change and more.
  • Assessment and Impact Measurement: Tools, strategies and indicators; How do we know we’re making a difference?

Submission Guidelines:

  • Format: Articles, case studies, opinion pieces, or interviews. 
  • Length: 800–1,500 words. Longer articles will be edited for brevity.
  • Deadline: June 25th 2024.
  • Audience: Academics, practitioners, industry experts, students, and policymakers.
  • Language: English

Benefits of Contributing:

  • Visibility: Reach a global audience passionate about education and careers.
  • Thought Leadership: Shape the discourse on career services.
  • Networking: Connect with fellow contributors and thought leaders.
  • Impact: Influence the next generation of professionals.

Submission Process:

  • Click here to upload your submission, brief bio, and high-resolution picture.

Let’s collaboratively illuminate the path toward meaningful careers for our students. Together, we compose the symphony of success!

Warm regards,

Colleta Macharia
Project Lead
Career Services Digest