Accra Technical University (ATU) has launched a Career and Skills Development Centre to provide students with job-ready and practical skills while also promoting a transformational educational experience beyond the classroom.

Established in collaboration with the AFOS Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development and the Education Collaborative, the centre is geared to serve as a hub for comprehensive career assistance, skills development, mentorship, and industry relationships.

Speaking at an event to commemorate the launch, the Deputy Director-General of the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC), Prof. Yayra Dzakadzie, stressed that the ATU Career Centre integrates smoothly with the institution’s strategic plan to improve student experiences and job abilities. 

“Not only is this centre aligned with our strategic plan of focusing on enhancing student experiences and employability skills, it is also a testament to our dedication to preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities of the professional landscape,” he shared. “We understand the evolving nature of industries and the demands they place on graduates. Therefore, this Centre stands as a hub for comprehensive career guidance, skills development, mentorship, and industry connections.” 

According to him, the Education Collaborative of Ashesi University’s Systems Change Program – Employability (SCP-E) played a critical role in strengthening higher education institutions and improving students’ employability abilities.

“Indeed, the Systems Change Program – Employability (SCP-E), initiated by the Education Collaborative of Ashesi University, highlights the collaborative spirit within the academic community. It aims to empower Higher Education Institutions, providing tools to enhance students’ employability skills.”

Also speaking at the launch, Dr. Mrs. Sylvia Beatrice Oppong-Mensah, ATU Registrar, urged students to take full advantage of the services. 

“It’s an opportunity that we shouldn’t just live to go by,” she said. “You must propagate the good news to your colleagues, our ATU students. We want to say we are very excited because many need such direction, and it’s going to come up soon here. I believe our students will stand out wherever they find themselves and anywhere their services are needed, so we want to say thank you to the AFOS Foundation and to Ashesi University for collaborating with us to help us get this fixed and all I will say is that we shouldn’t underutilize the centre.”

 Mrs. Sylvia Beatrice Oppong-Mensah, Registrar, Accra Technical University (ATU)
Dr. Mrs. Sylvia Beatrice Oppong-Mensah, Registrar, Accra Technical University (ATU)

Through The Education Collaborative’s System Change Program, participating institutions are able to build knowledge and address specific challenges through mentorship, partnerships and support from the Education Collaborative and its partners. 

“Excellence in Higher Education in Africa is such a key and pivotal part of the development and economic progress that we want to witness on our continent, and it takes committed institutions like Accra Technical University to drive this very needed action,” shared Abigail Welbeck, Director of Career Services at Ashesi University. “Thanks to the AFOS Foundation, Ashesi University and the Education Collaborative, ATU received funding, mentorship support, and guidance to successfully implement a Career Development Strategy for the students in ATU and to make needed systemic changes to improve students’ employability outcomes.”

About the ATU Career Centre
ATU Career Centre is set up to provide students with practical skills while also promoting a transformational educational experience that continues beyond the classroom. This effort is a common goal to provide higher education institutions with the tools, resources, and processes needed to improve student outcomes.

The Education Collaborative organizes peer learning sessions for member institutions to share and gain insights from others who have made advancements in the collaborative’s focal areas. These peer learning sessions are held through Convenings and workshops both in person and virtually. Our next convening for Institutions in West Africa is scheduled to take place on 14 and 15 March 2024 in Lagos. Registration is open, and you are encouraged to register on The Education Collaborative website to attend.