Ashesi University, Ghana, November 22-23, 2023: Eighteen career development professionals representing nine institutions across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Rwanda participated in the inaugural Career Strategy Workshop facilitated by the Education Collaborative. This two-day event provided a platform for sharing best practices, exchanging perspectives, and learning how to enhance student employability outcomes.

“The workshop aimed to equip professionals with the knowledge and tools to create effective structures and processes that improve career services within their institutions,” said Abigail Welbeck, Director of Career Services at Ashesi University and workshop lead. “We focused on aligning career services with institutional goals, vision, and mission, understanding their contribution to these objectives, implementing monitoring and evaluation processes, and ultimately, enhancing student employability.”

Designed to address both overarching and institution-specific challenges, the workshop featured hands-on exercises, mentorship sessions, and activities aimed at strengthening existing career development programs or launching new ones.

“Our institution faces challenges in providing adequate support and training, particularly in engaging employers for experiential learning,” shared Madzo Mwadzoya, MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program Lead at United States International University, Kenya. “This workshop addresses these gaps and highlights the importance of such exposure.”

Dr. Benjamin Mudaheranwa, Business Coach at the School of Business at the University of Rwanda, reflected on the workshop’s value: “I realized there are systems and processes we need to improve, particularly getting feedback from employers and students. We are asking more pointed questions about engagement with employers and students, and how to provide the soft skills our students need to be successful.” He further emphasized the value of collaboration: “Engaging with other colleagues here is helpful as we work together towards these goals.”

The workshop concluded with a hands-on exercise where participants developed one-year development plans to address identified gaps and challenges within their respective institutions.

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