Ashesi mentorship program

The goal for Ashesi is to share the framework and blueprint on which Ashesi operates as an institution dedicated to developing ethical and entrepreneurial leaders for Africa. Institutions admitted into mentoring are engaged on a one-on-one basis in innovative design for both in and out of the classroom with tools and elements inspired by the “Ashesi way”. The timelines and content for mentoring engagements are designed to maximize learning and resources and provide value to the mentee or partner institution. Each design is partner-specific and therefore customized. The partner maintains its institutions values and core pillars, and the Ashesi team ensures that the partner is being equipped and mentored to design their program, structures, and systems for their specific needs and context.

Mentorship levels

Mentoring engagements are on three levels based on enrollment of whole institutions, departments or teams. And covers areas of system development in program or curriculum development; faculty and administrative staff development; academic and student services systems development. Executive leadership and management mentorship.

Level 1: Institutional mentorship

Duration: 1 to 3 years

Goal: Develop a mentee into a partner exemplar institution in their region. Mentee is formally acknowledged as an institutional partner. Mentee also mentors other institutions in their region or country.

Target: New institutions; institutions in transition, institutions building new programs or units. 

Common mentorship areas: System design and setup, executive mentoring, fundraising, mentoring, curriculum development, student services and support, etc.)

Eligibility: Institution is registered with the right accreditations required in the country of operation. Has a committed and identifiable core leadership team for academic and non-academic departments. Shares the values of leadership, ethics, and citizenship to the African continent.

Level 2: Department, program, or unit mentorship

Duration: 1 semester to 1 academic year

Goal: The goal is to guide and develop or where required, support the setting up of departments and programs at mentee institutions. Mentees will receive dedicated support to dive deeply to co-design strategies and models to implement. Mentors provide personnel from mentee institutions’ with direct access to their departments, processes, structures, and resources.

Target: Departments or programs of new and existing institutions.

Areas may include: An institutional honor system or honor code, communications fundraising and publicity, career services development, counseling and coaching department, or faculty research culture development, faculty shadowing and curriculum development.

Eligibility: The presence of a committed lead of the program or department department seeking mentorship.

Level 3 Mentorships: Support through on-line systems

Duration: Rolling, On-going

GoalTo provide a repository and platform for access to resources and materials on teaching, learning, and administration developed by Ashesi University and partner institutions in the network.  

TargetAll institutions and stakeholders of higher education 

EligibilityUnrestricted. Access to content is free. Premium content is at a minimum annual fee.