Ashesi University, through the Education Collaborative, is exploring a unique way to extend its reach and spread the Ashesi Way to senior high schools. The initiative will leverage on modules from AIX, Ashesi’s leadership core, and Ashesi Success to engage high schools throughout the year in student development in leadership, entrepreneurial skills, technology and robotics, early career exploration. The goal is to initiate the development of the student early before college. The engagement will also enhance the instructional capacity of teachers and managerial effectiveness of administrative staff of the schools in the network.

As part of the implementation of these programs, the first workshop for high school teachers will be held in August 2020. It will be a 3-day workshop purposely designed to introduce teachers, heads of departments, and course instructors of senior high schools to foundations of critical thinking and strategies to integrate critical thinking in course planning and instruction.

To be facilitated by the faculty of Ashesi University, the workshop will further empower teachers to develop pedagogy for critical thinking early in high school.

The workshop location will be Ashesi University’s campus in Brekusu, from August 20 – 22, 2020. The registration fee for this 3-day workshop is GHS200.00 per participant. The cost includes two days of accommodation, feeding and workshop materials.

For enquiries and to learn more, call Stephen on 0501861743 or email

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