Modeled after Ashesi success, Ilimi Success is a 12-week program designed for freshmen to enhance overall success in college and in life. Ilimi success uniquely focuses on the needs of ADU, and will empower ADU students through self-knowledge and learning, to speak up when their values are in conflict.

Ms Davis, head of counselling and coaching department at Ashesi, works closely with ADU facilitators to develop the course for their context, and run it throughout the semester.

The 10 trained facilitators rolled out the course on 28th October 2019 with 80 freshmen. The course contains six modules in ethics and plagiarism, attention management, how the brain works, group dynamics & team management, motivation & courage, and group conflict.

“Diane had such presence and left such an impact in her brief visit to ADU”. – Coleen Clay – Interim Provost, ADU.

“ ADU has the potential to be an oasis for the Sahel region of Africa. I have had the opportunity to visit, observe, and participate in the development of curricula in the area of student services, specifically with the Illimi Success course. I visited ADU on two occasions and during these visits, I have found that the students are innovative, creative, inspiring, and extremely willing to participate in all training sessions and activities”. – Diane Davis.

The African Development University (ADU) has been a mentee institution under the mentorship program since 2018 and under this partnership, receives hands-on support from Ashesi University in student services, academic services, and University management.

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