My GVV Experience is a series of testimonials of educators, higher education administrators and individuals who share their experiences in taking the GVV course. This series highlights Marion Amukuzi, Lecturer of Communication & Multimedia Journalism Department at Riari University.

Q: What inspired you to take the GVV Africa course?

A: During the last convening when I was introduced to the course, I just thought, I have to do this; just to firm up the values that I have as an individual, and also to impact the community around me.

Q: Since you’ve completed GVV Africa, can you share how you have applied any of the learnings?

A: There’s a lot I’ve learned and been able to incorporate into my teaching. And in dealing with students, of course, there are mishaps. So, I had one student who told me that the LMS (Learning Management system) had errors and so that’s why they submitted late. On the back end, I was able to confirm that there were no issues. In following up, the student did admit to lying. And from that I was able to advise her that it is important to be ethical, not just as a student but beyond. Since then, I also use learnings from GVV Africa to speak to my students especially since I teach ethics as a course, that is, for communication and multimedia journalism.

Q: Any words of advice to someone who might want to take this course?

So, this is a very unique course, and the facilitation is fantastic. What I enjoyed the most was the synchronous class sessions that were held because it was good to hear from others. The role play, acting out what to do in a values conflict situation, added more to what I learned from the course. 

From what I’ve noticed, where students learn ethics, they do not really practice it, and when one of the core values of our university is integrity, teaching students who graduate without having had these values and training with integrity, then, we have failed as educators. And so, this is a course that I wish all students would do because from the case studies, you get to see unethical encounters, and think: How do we go about this? It’s a very good course!

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