2023 East Africa Hub Convening

October 5-6, 2023, Kampala, Uganda

2023 East Africa Hub Convening

Collaborate with Like-Minded Institutions to Drive Regional Development

2023 East Africa Hub Convening

Network with Peers and Inspiring Leaders

2023 East Africa Hub Convening

A Safe Space for Learning and Sharing

Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Graduate Employability

This year’s convening will take place from October 5th-6th in Kampala, Uganda.  

Anchored on the theme, Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Graduate Employability for Regional Development, this two-day convening aims to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and inspire innovative approaches in higher education within the East African region.    

 Join us as we work with institutions in the region to create a culture of entrepreneurial mindset; and equip their students with the relevant skills to thrive and succeed in the dynamic global job market and world of work.  

Upcoming Dates

October 5, 2023
Convening begins!


Who should attend this convening?

The Convening will welcome leaders, educators and administrators from higher education institutions; industry professionals and entrepreneurs, regulators, policymakers and government representatives in the East Africa region.  


What topics will be covered?

The Convening will focus on conversations around policy frameworks and regulatory support for employability and entrepreneurship in higher education; effective career services, building entrepreneurial mindset and skills among students.


How will participants benefit?

Participants will learn about strategies and best practices for enhancing student outcomes within the context of East Africa, whilst sharing innovative ideas, research findings, successful models and outcomes on employability and entrepreneurship.

Joining us on stage …

Over 20 speakers will lead sessions, deliver talks and drive engagement over the 2-day convening

Mr. Douglas Opio

Executive Director,
Federation of Uganda Employers

Prof. Samuel Gudu

Vice Chancellor,
Rongo University

Ms. Rose Dodd

Executive Director,
The Education Collaborative

Prof. Baylie Yeshita

Vice Chancellor,

Prof. John Mugisha

Vice Chancellor,
Cavendish University

Ms. Lizzie Chongoti

The Education Collaborative,
East Africa Hub

Mr. David Mutabanura

Executive Director,
Cavendish University

Prof. Eiabu Lugujjo

Executive Director,
Uganda Vice Chancellor’s

In Attendance…

Higher Education Institutions

Non-higher Education Institutions

Speakers and Facilitators

HEI Leaders and Executives

Countries across Africa

Convening Location

Sheraton Hotel, Kampala, Uganda.

Steeped in history, Kampala, the capital city of Uganda is adorned with historical landmarks like the Kasubi Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Uganda Museum, where the nation’s rich heritage is beautifully preserved. 

The Sheraton Kampala Hotel is a leading five-star luxury hotel that offers state-of-the-art conference and meeting facilities that foster an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation.


Host Institution

Cavendish University Uganda

Established in 2008 and accredited by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) is a leading Private University in Uganda with a large student population from over 47 countries.

More than 10,000 students have graduated from CUU in many different disciplines at certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s levels since its inception.

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A look back at the 2022 EA Hub Convening …


2022 EA Convening Highlights

76 higher education executives, administrators, and regulators from across East Africa participated in The Education Collaborative’s inaugural East Africa hub convening, engaging one another on improving educational outcomes and scaling quality within the region.