2022 East Africa Hub Convening Highlights

Inaugural East Africa Convening champions entrepreneurship and graduate employability 

As the first of its kind, the two-day event provided a platform for higher-ed stakeholders to learn more about The Education Collaborative’s work in partnering with institutions to improve educational outcomes across Africa. Over the period, participants engaged one another in panel discussions, workshops, lectures, and a commitment summit, sharing best practices across different institutions.   



EA Hub Convening

The Role of Regulators in Promoting Graduate Employability to Meet Labor Needs 

Watch a recap of the insightful panel discussion that explored how the work of the EA Hub can amplify the efforts of regulators in achieving improved graduate employability for labor force growth, enterprise, and new business formation.    

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What is next for the East Africa Hub?

The Education Collaborative is operationalized through regional hubs, with East Africa being the first hub. The EA hub seeks to achieve three key goals: growing membership and activities, strengthening and scaling up efforts to produce employable graduates, and enhancing the capacity of higher education institutions (HEIs). 

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Regional Impact

2022 East Africa Hub Convening In Numbers 

The Convening was attended by 76 participants from 6 countries: Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and Canada.

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