In 2020, The Education Collaborative set into motion a 10-year plan to drive its mission to transform over 1.1 million students by 2030 to be ethical entrepreneurial leaders who create jobs, transform industries, and lead economies. 

As part of the 10-year plan, the Collaborative has established regional hubs across Eastern and Western Africa to provide networks and platforms that support institutions in identifying gaps, engaging with peer institutions, and tapping into mentorship from like-minded institutions.

“Our 10-year plan, anchored on scaling transformation and impact, has helped partnering institutions focus on how they can improve not only their institutions, but also support peers to address gaps and improve collective outcomes across the continent,” shared Rose Dodd, Executive Director of The Education Collaborative. “This has been largely driven through our regional hub model.” 

 Three years into this journey, the 2023 edition of the Collaborative’s flagship June Convening, under the theme “Consolidating Learnings,” will bring together over 200 leaders, administrators, and heads of institutions to share learnings and progress from scaling their collective impact across across the continent, and through the regional hubs. 

“In the past three years, through our regional hub engagement, several universities have bolstered career and employability training, bootstrapped entrepreneurship programs, and established frameworks of ethical training within their institutions,” shared Ms. Dodd. “The 2023 June Convening will provide an excellent platform to take stock of underlying methodologies, programming and progress we have developed in delivering on our mission.” 

The 2023 Convening will also feature a Stakeholder Symposium, an invite-only forum for engaging the broader stakeholders of Africa’s higher education sector on focal areas identified by exemplary higher-ed institutions as central to transformation.   

Participants at the Symposium include executive leaders, faculty, and administrators of higher education, regulators, policy makers, industry, and professionals from development agencies.