The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in many unforeseen repercussions for education worldwide. Schools have been temporarily closed and a majority have switched to online methods and resources to complete the rest of the academic year. The Education Collaborative commends the swiftness, resilience, and creativity of African educators to ensure students continue with their studies. As we continue to make tremendous headway to curb the COVID-19 disruptions, we have decided to take our engagements online this June.

The Education Collaborative Virtual Conference 2020

The Virtual Conference is a four-part series from June 15th to July 6th, 2020. Still, under the theme of Changing the Narrative on African Higher Education, sessions will discuss the disruptions in our educational system, how to incorporate lessons to strategize for the future of higher-ed in Africa, and the dynamics of disability and inclusion during transitions to online teaching and operations. 

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