Since 2018, The Education Collaborative has been engaged with the African Development University (A.D.U) in Niger in efforts to improve teaching and learning outcomes for students in the Sahel. In March 2023, the Mastercard Foundation commissioned an investigative audit into leadership practices at A.D.U. This was in response to several severe allegations regarding misconduct and misappropriation of funds by a senior leadership figure at A.D.U. The audit has since substantiated these allegations.

Considering the seriousness of the audit findings, the Mastercard Foundation is terminating the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at A.D.U. The Foundation will work with Ashesi University, which is a  Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Partner and a member institution within The Education Collaborative network, to enable the Mastercard Foundation Scholars to continue their education.

Subsequent to this, The Education Collaborative is discontinuing its engagement with A.D.U. As we explore the next steps, A.D.U. will no longer be considered as a participating or member institution of The Education Collaborative. 

The Education Collaborative remains committed to improving educational systems and outcomes across Africa through its network, with the goal of improving outcomes for universities, their stakeholders, and the students we serve.