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Following the 2022 June Annual Convening, which brought together over 300 higher education stakeholders, The Education Collaborative is holding its maiden Francophone Convening targeted at educators, regulators, and administrators in Francophone Africa and the Sahel region. 

Committed to transforming higher education in Africa, The Education Collaborative leverages the diversity of regional education systems to create learning opportunities for stakeholders to build their institutional capacity. Introducing the Francophone Convening this year provides a learning platform for stakeholders in Francophone Africa and the Sahel region to probe into solutions for context-specific challenges. Themed “Building the Capacity of Institutions to Improve Higher Education Outcomes,” the Francophone Convening will be held on the 28th and 29th of June in Niamey, Niger, in partnership with African Development University (ADU) based in Niger.  

“Our goal with this first Francophone Convening is to explore ways to collaborate and share education best practices within predominantly French-speaking higher education institutions in Africa,” shared Rose Dodd, Director, The Education Collaborative. “We hope that the Francophone Convening will also serve as a launchpad for The Education Collaborative’s Francophone Hub to drive education solutions unique to the region.” 

The Convening, which will focus on ethics and leadership development, employability, entrepreneurship, and pedagogy development, will welcome some 50 leaders from higher education institutions, private and public sectors, nonprofits, and regulatory sectors to deliberate on strategies to build educational systems to help drive transformation within Africa’s higher education sector. 

“The sessions will allow higher education leaders to host conversations and establish relationships that will shape sustainable African futures, build enterprises, and develop successful frameworks that can be replicated across the region,” highlighted Stephen Gyan, Programs Coordinator at The Education Collaborative.  

“From participating in The Education Collaborative Annual Convening since 2017, ADU is excited to go a step further to support The Education Collaborative’s effort to reach Francophone Africa with the tools and insights that each year’s Convening equips participants with,” said Oyindamola Johnson, Director, Office of Global Advancement, African Development University. “This certainly serves as a new dawn for higher education institutions (HEIs) across Francophone Africa and the Sahel region. We are confident that participants in this year’s Francophone Convening will identify opportunities to build entrepreneurial and career-ready competencies in students. It will also birth collaborative platforms to aid sharing best practices and working models to strengthen leadership and governance structures within institutions present, as well as to bridge current gaps within the tertiary education and labor market needs across the region.”  


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