Network Participant

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Target Growth and Sustainability

Network participants connect, share, and engage in year-round programs and events. Participants may be individuals or institutions and are at liberty engage the network at will without any obligations as with members. They get access to a free-to-premium selection of resources. Participants are not obliged to commit to fulfilling the mandates and can craft specific commitments with or without the network’s oversight. It is a great way to join our network as a new institution or individual and is open to higher education institutions, and other organizations in the education sector on the continent.

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Associate Member

This level of membership gives institutions access to the pool of resources in the network, sometimes at a fee, to drive an innovation mandate or strategic initiative within their institution. 

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Exemplar-Track Mentee

Members under this track are committed to developing student-centered systems that meet the shared vision of our agenda for higher education in Africa. Institutions maintain a close partnership with Ashesi University and the Education Collaborative network and receive support from and within the network. 

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Exemplar Partner

Exemplar partners are successful recognised  and exemplary student-oriented educational institutions that commit resources and expertise to support other institutions in the network to develop their systems and operations to improve their outcomes. 

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