Exemplar Partner

Join like-minded institutions to bring transformation in higher-ed systems across the continent.

Strong partnership for increased impact

Exemplar partners anchor the Education Collaborative transformation agenda in the home sub-regions across Africa. They are successful and exemplary student-oriented educational institutions in Africa who are uncompromising in maintaining excellence. Exemplar partner institutions join with other partners in the Education Collaborative to mentor and support peers by sharing their areas of proven expertise and experience. They engage institutions around them to collectively improve higher education outcomes.

The Exemplar partner upholds core shared values and supports training in ethical action and relevant career readiness. They also foster an enabling and active entrepreneurship ecosystem and show evidence of active accountability and progress to the vision to transform Africa. Exemplar partners collectively own and drive the transformation agenda in their regions once activated and commit to developing the relationship with regulators and industry needed to drive systems change in the region.   


  • Self-nominate or be nominated by an Education Collaborative Exemplar partner institution. 
  • This institution is legally incorporated and situated in a country in Africa. 
  • The institution is accredited or in the process of acquiring accreditation from statutory bodies and will remain committed in conforming to all statutory and regulatory requirements as stipulated in the country of operation. 
  • The institution has an active institutional leadership team and on average, maintains a positive public reputation and image. 
  • Have graduated at least one class of students.  
  • Must have at least 150 full-time equivalent students  
  • Demonstrate with evidence, a commitment to career development of students from entry to exiting the institution. 

Partner benefits

  • Access to funding to continue to maintain quality systems for improved student outcomes and remain exemplar. 
  • Qualify to host a hub office thereby receiving funds for annual resource support  
  • Serve on the Education Collaborative regional consulting committee to contribute to the strategic vision for the region.  
  • Funding support to mentor peer institutions in areas of proven excellence and experience. 
  • Opportunity for faculty, administrators, and executives to lead sessions and share in knowledgesharing platform like conferences and workshops.   
  • Recognition by world leading higher-ed funders as contributor to the transformation of higher-ed on the continent.   
  • Lead innovation in communities of practice. 

Explore more ways to engage

Network Participant

Institutions engaged through our convenings and in-person and online programs are network participants. Participants may be individuals or institutions and are at liberty engage the network at will without any obligations as with members. 

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Associate Member

This level of membership gives institutions access to the pool of resources in the network, sometimes at a fee, to drive an innovation mandate or strategic initiative within their institution. 

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Exemplar-Track Mentee

Members under this track are committed to developing student-centered systems that meet the shared vision of our agenda for higher education in Africa. Institutions maintain a close partnership with Ashesi University and the Education Collaborative network and receive support from and within the network. 

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