Transformation in African higher-ed requires a collaborative effort. To achieve the shared transformation mandate, institutions must complement each other’s capabilities while turning weaknesses into strengths. As an institution which is dedicated to developing ethical and entrepreneurial leaders for Africa, Ashesi University shares its strategies with institutions on the continent under a mentorship and consultation program. 

The goal is to raise exemplar institutions that can directly transform millions of students for the labour market who are ethical, entrepreneurial and career ready. Ashesi currently mentors African Development University (ADU) in Niger and Kibi Presbyterian College of Education (KPCE) in Ghana. Mentee Institutions are engaged on a one-on-one basis, on both academic and non-academic needs. 

As the first not-for-profit liberal arts university in Niger, ADU is on a mission to prepare young people in Francophone Africa to lead the development of their nations. Two years into the mentorship, Ashesi faculty have assisted the ADU team to review and develop their liberal arts curriculum, organized a Value Fulfillment Blueprint workshop for ADU executives, piloted a model ethical action course from Ashesi, helped them to recruit executives, administrators and faculty and continues to work with their team towards our shared goal. With Ashesi’s support, ADU moved into a larger campus in February 2020. This campus accommodates 200 students which is an increase from a little over 50 in 2017. Read more

Due to the COVID-19 disruptions and abrupt campus shutdowns, schools had to quickly adapt to online teaching. KPCE as a mentee-institution, participated in a capacity training workshop led by Ashesi University faculty. Thirty teachers participated in the workshop and taught a total of 1791 students remotely with the techniques learnt. Subsequently, Ashesi will assist KPCE to build systems that integrate ethics into their curriculum and campus culture. Similar peer-support university collaborations emerging on the continent will better-prepare institutions to lead the continent’s transformation. We go further when we go together.  

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About The Education Collaborative

The Education Collaborative is an initiative of Ashesi University. The Collaborative enables the systemic transformation of higher education in Africa by developing a network of exemplar institutions that work with stakeholders to achieve extraordinary student outcomes. The goal is to build these exemplar institutions to peer mentor other institutions and transform them to become exemplars. The network advocates for and contributes to regulatory reforms to integrate the best educational practices. Over time, the network will establish systems for higher education institutions and stakeholders to calibrate an institution’s progress to becoming an exemplar. We help higher education institutions to become student-centered, innovative, and continually relevant, and uphold these shared values:

  • Ethics and leadership development in students
  • Training students for relevant career readiness
  • Enabling an active entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • An active system for 360 accountability that ensures institutional sustainability
  • Inclusive and diverse campuses.

Since its inception in 2017, the Education Collaborative has successfully engaged 34 institutions in face-to-face convenings and is mentoring two institutions. The initiative is already, directly and indirectly, impacting more than 150 educators and over 3500 students in more than 10 countries in Africa.

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