East Africa Regional Hub

Scaling The Education Collaborative’s impact through a regionally-focused model

Through the regional hub model, The Education Collaborative looks to provide a context-specific blueprint for success through shared experiences from exemplary universities.

The diversity in African higher education creates a unique context for institutions across the continent.  As such, driving impact and addressing challenges in each requires a unique approach. Through the regional hub model, The Education Collaborative looks to provide a blueprint for success through shared and relatable experiences from exemplary universities.

Started in August 2021, the East Africa Hub brings together The Education Collaborative partner institutions based in Eastern Africa. Starting with 9 institutions, the maiden regional hub of The Education Collaborative is hosted by Rongo University. 

Impact through Hubs

Over the next ten years, the institutions within established regional hubs will build the capacity to drive transformation in ethics and leadership, career readiness,​ entrepreneurship ecosystems​, diversity, equity, and inclusion, while ensuring accountability and sustainability. Additionally, the hubs are estimated to impact over 1.1 million students within the decade.  

message from the director

As a collaborative, we are aware that higher-ed institutions, whether universities or technical or vocational institutions, can push the much-needed human capital to create the development we need on the continent. So, we operationalize our work through the different regional hubs to achieve the impact we need; East, West, Francophone, and Central. This way, we can work across the continent, and also work within the hubs that we find ourselves in.

 – Lizzie Chongoti, Regional Director, East Africa Hub

Member Institutions