What makes this collaborative network one of a kind is the uniqueyear-round post-workshop engagement among participating institutions. Participants collaborate on projects with each other in areas of curriculum design, training workshops, research projects and many more.

On 27th July, 52 Staff & faculty of BlueCrest University’s school of business and fashion, and departments of information technology and mass communication, received staff and faculty training in a workshop led by some members of the network.

Sessions and activities were based on the June workshop content and on relevant topics for facilitator and classroom development. Participants were also engaged in team-building exercises and activities to build teamwork and communication. The end goal for this training was to improve facilitation skills of lectures, to build a stronger management and staff relationships, build team spirit and morale, and introduce innovative techniques learned at the Collaborative in their classrooms.

A two-time participant of the Education Collaborative Workshops, BlueCrest has truly benefited from this network of educators.