Post-Convening Grant FAQs

Got Questions? 

Who is eligible to apply for a 2023 Post-Convening Grant?

You or a member of your institution should have attended the 2023 June Convening. You should have a past, or an existing project funded by the Education Collaborative. Only existing projects will be considered for this funding cycle

Can I apply as an individual for a 2023 Post-Convening Grant?

No, all applicants are expected to apply through their institution. No individual can apply without consent or decision from their institution

Can an institution submit more than one proposal?

An institution can submit up to two proposals.

How much funding support is available through the Post Convening Grant?

Selected institutions will receive a grant of up to $5000

What is the timeline for the Post-Convening Grant application process?

Second-round applications will be open on 26 January 2024 to be submitted by February 29, 2024.

However, it is advisable to submit your proposal early, considering the limited funds available

What should be the focus of the projects that can be funded through the Post-Convening Grant

The proposal should be connected to a completed or ongoing project from previous post-convening or other grants from the Education Collaborative. Project proposals should focus on the learnings from the 2023 June Convening, address the priority areas of the Education Collaborative and seek to broaden the implementation of proven solutions and ideas to achieve greater scalability.

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