It’s exciting to see how far the impact of the Education Collaborativeworkshop and network reaches even beyond the scope of higher education. Crown Prince Academy (CPA), a basic school in Ghana attended the 2018 faculty workshop and is already implementing new techniques gathered in teaching. On 18th October, a development training workshop was organized for 100 administrative staff, faculty and management of CPA to enable personal and institutional growth, to build team commitment, to build ideas on how to improve classroom management. Mr. Gracious Ampofo, the school’s representative at the faculty workshop led sessions on the cognitive load theory modeled after content shared at the Education Collaborative workshop.

His presentation explored how the human brain works, learns andremembers, how lessons can be designed to be more memorable for thelearner and how facilitators can capture the attention of students during aclass. CPA participants were happy with the content presented andthought it to be relevant to them even as basic school facilitators. 750students have been directly impacted so far with these new techniqueslearned.