Ashesi’s mission is to educate the next generation of ethical, critical thinking entrepreneurs and leaders who will lead transformation on the African continent. Coming from diverse educational backgrounds, new students sometimes struggle to adjust to college life and to a curriculum that requires critical thinking, a far cry from the high school system chew and pour’, a local term for “memorizing for exams”. To address this, two high schools that attended the Education Collaborative workshop in2018, have partnered with Ashesi to explore ways of exposing their students and teachers to Ashesi’s learning values such as problem-based learning and critical thinking, and technology use, through possible in-class and extracurricular programs. Programs developed for both schools will be tailored for their specific need and context and the high schools will be mentored by Ashesi.

Implemented through the Education Collaborative, the high schools,Savannah International Academy in Tamale, and Our lady of GraceSecondary school in Kumasi will work with two project leads who arecurrent faculty at Ashesi University to design and test a model to sharethese learning outcomes. Both schools combined have a population ofover 700 students. To this end, Ashesi in its reach seeks to bring some ofthe “Ashesi experience” into the Ghanaian high school’s daily teaching andlearning culture.