Through this focal area, we explore and share tools and best practices that institutions may use to create and sustain an entrepreneurial ecosystem that nurtures creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit in students to solve continental and global problems.


Building employable graduates: A collaborative model for soft skills development

A common concern raised by industries is the lack of soft skills among graduates. In response, Collège Kepler, a private tertiary institution in Rwanda, has established the Kepler Soft Skills Center, focusing on communication, technology competency, and professionalism.

Initiatives to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem

Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Development Project

This initiative aims to explore, share, and implement methods and best practices to entrepreneurship ecosystem development in higher education institutions in Africa, using successful ecosystems on the continent including Ashesi University’s case.

The outputs will contribute to a framework for formal entrepreneurship education in Africa to guide higher education institutions and will be presented to regulators for consideration in higher education industry governance in Africa.   

Education Collaborative Business Incubation Hub Guidebook

Universities play a vital role in fostering the entrepreneurial pursuits of students, by developing functional entrepreneurial spaces like incubation hubs. The Business Incubation Hub Guidebook is a step-by-step guide to helping higher education institutions to design, implement, or improve their incubation hubs.

The tools and best practices outlined in the guidebook were curated from exemplar systems in The Education Collaborative network.

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Defining, Describing and Diagnosing Entrepreneurship Ecosystems within Sub-Saharan Africa Higher Education Institutions

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Entrepreneurial Ecosystem building within Sub-Saharan Africa Higher Education Institutions