From June 24 – 29, 2018 – Ashesi welcomed 28 lecturers, school administrators, and staff members from 17 different institutions to the second annual Education Collaborative. 

Driven by a vision to tackle current and complex challenges affecting the African continent through education, the goal of the Education Collaborative is to facilitate the circulation of useful models, tools, and techniques for learning among institutions.

This 2018 program sought to explore how contexts unique to Africa, and the technology available, impact the feasibility and adoption of new teaching and facilitation techniques. The week-long session brought together faculty, staff, and administrators from across the continent.

“It really stood out to me how members of the Collaborative were very proactive in networking with each other,” commented Rose Dodd, Facilitator, “They took the initiative on establishing how to maintain open lines of communication so they can collaborate further in future, and agree on an initial set of values by which they will take back home to their institutions, work and live by.”

“Here at Ashesi, we are keenly anticipating evaluation reports on the outcome of the program which will enable us to design next year’s program, as it will be built incorporating lessons and findings from this year’s collaborative,” added Rose.

Following the 2018 workshop, members joined a larger network of educators who are exploring ways to implement the tactics learned at the Collaborative in their respective classrooms and context.

Participants established networks and took part in a series of exchange programs between participating institutions, where they assisted others in their classrooms and worked together to develop curricula aimed at making learning relatable, engaging and relevant.

Present were 27 individuals from 17 institutions representing eight countries. There was a varied profile of institutions. Attending institutions were:


  • Catholic University College
  • Garden City University College
  • Accra Technical University
  • BlueCrest University College
  • Edify 
  • Savannah Int. Academy
  • Methodist University
  • NIIT
  • Ashesi University


  • African Leadership University


  •  African Development University


  • Kepler, Kigali
  • University of Global Health Equity


  •  Lupane State University


  •  University of Port Harcourt


  •  Clark Atlanta University


  • Haramaya University

Download the 2018 faculty workshop report