Four brilliant 2nd and 3rd-year students from Ashesi University and Accra Technical University in Ghana, under the supervision of their lecturer Mrs. Rose A. Dodd and Mr. Benjamin Amanquah, are collecting research data to design strategies to increase student engagement in large classrooms of public universities in Africa. The Accountancy Department of Accra Technical University is the study department for this research. The students were truly excited to be a part of a project to improve engagement in large classrooms.

The research team will be applying design thinking techniques to analyze the data and find solutions that introduce some liberal art techniques in public university classrooms without interrupting the public school system. To start the project, observational visits were made to both institutions to better understand the context and experiences of stakeholders. This was followed by more quantitative techniques like surveys and focus groups.

This is a truly exciting project engaging students and faculty across twoinstitutions in the Education Collaborative network in research. Solutionsdeveloped will be tested at ATU’s accountancy department in the secondstage of the study.