The University Stakeholder Symposium

Set within the context of developing competencies for collaboration within and across universities in Africa, the University Stakeholder Symposium brings together key academics, industry researchers, government representatives, and experts from across Africa to begin conversations on education in Africa and the necessary steps, reforms, and collaborations needed to transform Africa and the next generation of leaders.

The Inaugural University Stakeholder Symposium

To widen stakeholder engagement, Ashesi University through the education Collaborative  organized University Stakeholder Breakfast, on June 12, 2019 at the Peduase Valley Resort and engaged 100 stakeholders in African Education. Themed on ‘Ahead of Africa’s Youth Explosion: Implications of Higher Education’ the symposium sought to present a metalevel-data of the impact of population increase on the educational institutions and to build a consensus on the requisite educational systems for the growing Africa population, and to explore the option of extending wider network of collaboration to include non-academic institutions. 

Dr. Patrick Awuah gave the opening address on the Business of Higher Education in the Rise of African Population and Megali Rheault, Regional Director of Sub-Saharan Africa, Gallup World Poll, was the keynote speaker. She presented on her Gallup’s  findings from over 400 research survey gathered on the African continent since 2006.