The Collaborative Webinar series saw 100 participants attend twelve sessions over four months. Led by six facilitators within the collaborative network, the webinars focused on the thematic areas; Career Services & Development, Academic Advising & Counseling, Teaching techniques for University Classrooms, and Innovative ways to build a research culture.

Participants from 10 African universities attended and contributed to the webinars. Set up as a medium for sharing successful practices, the webinars were informative, engaging, and interactive.

“The webinar created an avenue for me to learn from the field.
My students shared their experiences of what made them
engage and interact during my lecturers. I gladly shared it with
the world.”- Eva Esther Shalin Ebenezer, Director, School of
Business and Technology, Institutie Universite Abidjan.

The Academic Advising & Counseling, and Career Services & Development webinars were the most popular and most attended. With facilitators collaborating across institutions to lead, ALU and Ashesi shared on Approaches to Academic Advising.

“The session with ALU was one of the best for me. It gave me an
insight into ALU’s advising methods. Getting to know what
other institutions are doing, blending it with Ashesi’s culture,
and coming up with new strategies to grow has been very
instrumental”. – Emmanuel Ntow, Academic Advisor, Ashesi

Participants took away many lessons and techniques to try in their classrooms; from identifying and trying out online tools for student engagement, to getting tips on how to develop a research culture from Provost Angela Owusu-Ansah from Ashesi University.

“Sometimes, I teach classes with a large number of students,
and it’s difficult to tell if all the students understand what I
teach. The online tools I shared is a great way to check for student understanding and to engage them. My students love Kahoot! Every time we play it, they go crazy, and they are
always excited to have quizzes in class because of this game.” –
Dr. Takako Mino, Session Facilitator

“The research internship course is a win-win situation for
students. The students grow in research knowledge, strength,
get credit for the course, and have access to one on one
coaching with faculty”. – Professor Angela Owusu-Ansah, Provost,
Ashesi University.

The goal with the webinars is it to support institutions set up, develop or enhance various departments under the topics covered. 2020 webinars will begin in September 2020.

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