Research Fellowship Program

The Education Collaborative is launching a Research Fellowship Program to engage exceptional researchers in collating, analyzing, and synthesizing existing information about the organization’s work, and translating it into publishable articles highlighting its impact and contributions to the higher education sector in Africa.


Quick Facts and Updates

Program Period
6- months per cycle

Commencement Date

July 1, 2024

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Purpose of the Program

  1. To collect and synthesize existing research and dataon The Education Collaborative’s initiatives.
  2. To produce high-quality, publishable articlesshowcasing the organization’s impact.
  3. Enhance visibility and credibility of The Collaborative by publishing in reputable journals.


Job Description

This is not a full-time role. The responsibilities of the Fellows shall be as follows.

  1. Conduct comprehensive literature reviews and data analysisto correlate with The Education Collaborative’s work.
  2. Synthesize information into cohesive and compelling articles.
  3. Collaborate with The Education Collaborative’s staff and stakeholdersto co-publish articles in reputable journals.
  4. Search and submit papers, including follow-ups and reviews received from journals.
  5. Ensure all deliverables meet academic publication standards.



  1. MPhil holders with strong research skills, or Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree in education, skills development, and social sciences-related fields.
  2. Strong background in action research methodologies.
  3. Proven experience in conducting literature reviews and qualitative and quantitative data analysis.
  4. Excellent writing and publication skills.
  5. Ability to work independently and collaboratively.
  6. Familiarity with academic publication processes.
  7. Track record of publishing at least 2 research papers in the last 18 months.


How to Apply

Submit resume and cover letter here