June convening

Regional hub Convening

Regional Convenings

Our regional convenings bring together our institutional partners and stakeholders from across our regional hubs to connect, share knowledge, and tackle challenges specific to your area. These gatherings are designed to:

Focus on Regional Issues: Dive deep into challenges, solutions, and innovations relevant to your region’s unique context.

Spark Collaboration: Foster connections between diverse stakeholders, encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Drive Collective Action
: Develop actionable strategies and initiatives to address regional needs.

Amplify Local Voices:
Provide a platform for regional stakeholders to share their experiences and perspectives.

New Updates

October 3, 2024
East Africa hub Convening

June 3, 2025

June Convening

- East Africa Hub -

The Education Collaborative Annual Convening is the central platform for all stakeholders in African higher-ed to share innovative resources and strategies for the sector’s advancement.

- West Africa Hub -

Held every quarter, Communities of Practice workgroups leverage members’ collective competencies to deliver practical transformative solutions within their campuses and organizations.