The rapidly changing landscape of higher education, globally, has got higher learning institutions dealing with strategic innovation, the expectations of their key stakeholders, international competition (a highly competitive global market for higher education), new technologies, and external changes. To succeed, higher education institutions in Africa need relevant partnerships and collaborations, said, Lillian Njeri Munene, Executive Director, Ayenit Alolom Africa.

“At Ayenit Alolom Africa, we believe that African Higher Education Institutions have their rightful place in the global university ecosystem. This connects very much with the Education Collaborative’s philosophy of ‘collaborate and learn’. It is time for African institutions to create solutions together so that we can enhance the quality and effectiveness of higher education,” shared Munene.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, Ayenit Alolom Africa is a key resource in the establishment of the Education Collaborative’s East Africa Regional Hub.

Identifying the diverse educational systems and needs across the African continent, the Education Collaborative has introduced a regional hub model. This model has been instituted to further amplify the Education Collaborative’s work and impact across Africa and begins with the establishment of the East Africa Regional hub. Read more about the Education Collaborative’s Regional Hub Approach.